You use Russian in a wide range of situations. You can devote your time to expanding you active vocabulary with specific and professional terminology as per your needs. Improve your conversational skills, learn new speech patterns, read Russian books in original!

Your Russian is fluent enough, but there's still little confidence in your skills. You will learn how to conduct discussions and negotiations in Russian. Work on complex grammar aspects, enrich your vocabulary and improve your speech accuracy!

You are able to make everyday conversations. You will develop your fluency, i.e. you will speak quicker and more accurate. Work on your grammar and enlarge your word-stock!

You understand Russian in basic situations, but you are restricted in expressing your own thoughts. You have fair knowledge of Russian necessary to communicate in everyday life. You want to work on grammar, vocabulary and develop your understanding of oral speech.

You have a small stock of vocabulary, communication skills, and grammatical structures. You will no longer be a beginner by the time of your departure from Kaliningrad!

You know just a few words. For example, the word 'privet'!


Below you will find a detailed test which will give you a view about the topics which you should still work on.

You can download it, fill it out and send it to our email address. Our teachers give an individual assessment of your knowledge.

Attention! If you can not answer any test question, skip it and go to another topic or question.