Here you can find some information about teaching materials we use in our Russian Language School.

The teaching materials are textbooks, workbooks, audio CDs and DVDs, audiotapes, copies, self-study reference books

Tuition at "Privet!" is based on many different textbooks. We have virtually any textbook on Russian as a foreign language published recently. We can also use your own textbook and educational materials, especially in the individual russian language courses. Besides, our teachers have created and developed their own methodics for efficient language learning, so during the lessons they will provide with some exclusive study materials you won't be able to find anywhere else

Our teachers will make a test on the first day of your lessons. They will see what level of Russian Language you have and develop a special programm to suit your needs. They will also choose best textbooks for you.

We use all the best, approved and modern textbooks in PRIVET! School.

Set of books "Lestnica" ("Stairs") developed by Anikina M.N. (working in Moscow State Institute of International Relations) is for students beginning their Russian language studies. Those books include:

  • Textbook of Russian language as foreign (includes phonetical, grammar and speaking parts);
  • Exercise book which will help you to study grammar;
  • Books with grammar tables and dictionary.

"Lestnica" is a combination of traditional and new ways of teaching Russian language. "Lestnica" is a common creative work of student and teacher. This complect of books will help you to go from the very beginning up to intermediate level of Russian Language. A special focus is given to students' introduction to the Russian way of living and customs as well as to the Russian cultural wealth. The core idea of this teaching material is to help learn Russian language, enabling the students find linguistic solutions to every day life situations.

Havronina S.A. is a well known author of textbooks of Russian language as foreign. She has developed courses for beginning and intermediate levels of Russian language. All books were renewed and improved during past years. Several generations of Russian language students learned Russian language by her courses.

Our teachers use Havronina's books to study and practice grammar as those books have many excellent grammar exercises.

Among the others, we also use the study kit "Russian Express" by Svetlana Khachatourova, the Moscow Linguistic Centre. This courseware has already been in use by Russian language teachers for more than 10 years and its content is being constantly improved. "Russian Express" I and II textbooks were developed within the frames of LINGVAPAX project under the guidance of UNESCO. The textbooks are widely used by many universities in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America. In the course of tuition, students develop not only their linguistic habits and skills, but also boost their creativity and ability to fully and accurately express their point of view in Russian language. During the lessons students will have an opportunity to compare life styles in Russia and in their home country as well as manners, traditions and cost of living. Role-plays are given special attention. The course is flexible enough to let people with various learning patterns achieve the best results in mastering Russian.

Our teachers also use supplementary materials from many other textbooks. Everything depends of the course you want to have. We use special textbooks for very short courses. Many additional materials are also used for auditions to develop your listening and speaking abilities. We also use special books for intermediate students to provide business or politics courses to teach you to understand Russian newspapers and classical books.

Privet! School can also help you to prepare for official Russian language Certificate tests (e.g. 1st and 2nd Certificate level).