Russian "Island" in the European Union.

As shown on the map, the Kaliningrad region is situated at the south-eastern coast of the Baltic Sea. The population of the Kaliningrad Region is about 1 million habitants, out of which about 450 thousand citizens live in the city of Kaliningrad.

The region's area comprises 15 thousand square kilometers and is entirely separated from the rest of Russia. It borders on Poland in the south-west and Lithuania in the south-east. In the north, it's rimmed by the Baltic Sea.

As you see Kaliningrad is the best place to learn Russian in Russia as that is the Russian region located right "inside" the EU!

The Kaliningrad region is rather urbanized: there are 22 towns. The largest of them are Kaliningrad, Sovietsk, Chernyachovsk, Gusev, Baltiysk, Svetlogorsk, and Zelenogradsk.

National composition of the population: Russians (78%), Belorussians (8%), Ukrainians (7%), Lithuanians (2%), Germans (0,6%), Poles (0,5%), Tatars, Jews, Armenians, etc. altogether 97 nations.

Unique and world's largest deposits of amber are located in the territory of the Kaliningrad region, in Yantarny. Up to 90% of world's deposits of amber are there. We can arrange a trip to the amber mining for you.

The length of the seacoast is about 140 km including 100 km of sand beaches. There are two gulfs - the Curonian Gulf and the Vislinsky Gulf.

Kaliningrad's climate is moderate. The annual average temperature is about 8°C. The average temperature in July is 17°C and 3°C - in January.

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