The Russian Culture course, three-week long is specially designed for students interested in Russian Culture. Please see our special offers schedule for the time period in this year.

Special Offer!

Are you interested in learning Russia? Does it seem strange to you? Come to our course and we will introduce you in the Russian Culture! We will teach you how to behave in different life situations in Russia, tell you about Russian traditions, introduce you to Russian theatre and art, give you a tour though Russian folklore, show you what Russian cuisine is!

Come to Kaliningrad for our Culture Course and you will get even more than that! Learning Russian Culture is your best choice!

Course Price: € 1290


  • 20 hours of learning russian in mini-group (including lessons on Russian culture)
  • accommodation with a host family in Kaliningrad, excluding meals
  • invitation, registration in Kaliningrad, transfers
  • folklore evening
  • cooking evening
  • 2 visits to theatres.
Visits to museums