Two-weeks long Russian language course in spring and in autumn specially designed for Businessmen and Businesswomen.

Spend two weeks in Kaliningrad and improove your Business Russian in Russian Language School PRIVET! 

study Russian in Russia

You do not have to much time to study Russian language? You need to be able to take part in business conversations and negotiations? You want to know how to open your business in Russia? This course was designed especially for people using Russian for Business! 

Russian Language School PRIVET! organizes special two weeks intensive Russian Language course for Businessman and Businesswoman who are working or plan to work with Russian business.

Levels: intermediate and higher. 

Minimal age - 16 years.

We also organize Russian Summer courses, Russian Culture course and Slavic School.

Below you will find an example of an Intensive course.

Example: Learn Russian in a 2-weeks Mini-Group Intensive Course

Course price from € 1110


  • 30 hours of mini-group Russia tuition a week;
  • Accommodation in a student's apartment;
  • Service kit (enrollment fee - includes school’s administrative fee, school's invitation letter,  teaching materials, general information about Kaliningrad, Kaliningrad’s city map, one excursion with a guide in Kaliningrad or region; state registration, airport transfers both ways, etc).

Please contact us to find out more about your Russian course!

Russian courses created in accordance to your individual needs and preferences

We will organize special seminars and meetings on topics you will be interested in (e.g. "How to open my business in Russia?", "Overall view on Russian Economy", "Russian Business from the inside"). 

You can also have additional individual lessons to became even more proficient in Russian Business vocabulary and in speaking in Business situations.

Learn Russian in Russia with a maximum of communication and pleasure!

 Russian courses in Russia

 Russian classes in Russia

Additional individual Russian lessons

PRIVET! aims at offering you the maximum number of choices for your Russian Language Courses.

You can learn Russian combining any Mini-Group or Group Course with any number of hours of individual lessons.

It's up to you to decide how many additional hours you want to take.

An academic hour lasts 45 minutes and costs €15.